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Classic, Luck, Clover
The word mamori means protection, with omamori being the sonkeigo (honorific) form of the word, "to protect".
General, Protection
Four-leaf clovers are really hard to find, and that rarity is why we consider them lucky.
Classic, Luck, Clover
Horseshow Up
Some say the ends should point up, so that the horseshoe catches the luck.
Rabbit Foot
The rabbit’s foot remains a common symbol for luck in many cultures.
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"I'm a really clumsy person so this digital evil eye is just perfect! I've been protected from harm, and its really convenient to keep around!"
Joey Bishop
"My parents always told me that lady bugs are lucky creatures and this is really true! The more I make my lucky charm happy, the more blessings come my way."
Delia Ngo
"Been using this app for a week now! Come on gimme some luck to score with the ladies! "
Liam Byrne
"Chose this charm because my fiancee has one tattooed on his chest and it reminds me of him. The Tumi has always kept him safe, and I hope it continues to keep us both away from harm."
Pattie Moore
"I have a hamsa hand charm on my bag, a hamsa hand necklace and an anklet. This completes my set and I feel more ready than ever to conquer my days!"
Dana Wen
"Awesome find on the app store! Recently chanced upon this after a series of unfortunate events in my personal life, and things have taken such a positive turn soon after. Absolutely amazing!"
Paul Cheshmedjieva
“I absolutely LOVE my maneki-neko! It smiles at me every time I check in. How cute is that? I feel extra lucky taking her around!”
Emma Tay
“Super cute! Always liked the idea of having a pet ladybug for good luck and now I can have one of my own. Hoping for it to improve my love life though!”
Jessie Miller
“This app's pretty cool, I'm enjoying it so far. The good ol' four leaf clover always brings luck so I picked this one!”
Robbie Woods
“Amazed with how this app works so well for me! Chose the elephant charm because I've always been fascinated by these gentle giants. Excited for more opportunities to come my way!”
Jessica Lee